Happiness Brand spotted on the cover of Beymen Blender section of Beymen Magazine SS14 (powered by Vogue). You can find the magazine at Beymen stores and can reach the magazine online by clicking beymen.com-W and beymen.com-M.

Aurélie Bidermann on Beymen Magazine SS14

Aurélie Bidermann Capri Necklace spotted on Beymen Magazine SS14 (powered by Vogue). You can find the magazine at Beymen stores and can reach the magazine online by clicking beymen.com-W  and beymen.com-M.

JOE’S® Spring ‘14: “Just A Perfect Day”

Joe’s Jeans Spring ‘14 campaign and video titled “Just A Perfect Day”.

It features strong-minded, independent people, who liberate themselves by throwing convention out the window and following their hearts with no regrets and no apologies. What if your definition of a perfect day was changing plans on your wedding day and running out wearing your favorite jeans under your wedding dress, or the morning of the walk of shame? 

It is through this campaign that Joe’s poses a modern challenge for anyone determined to write his or her own story unencumbered by societal standards and opinions.

"What’s Your Perfect Day?" #JustAPerfectDay

videography by Tao Ruspoli and Marie Noorbergen

Future&Trends: Le Marchand d’Etolies

C79 Showroom’un yeni cocuk markasi Le Marchand d’Etolies Aksam Gazetesi’nin Future&Trends ekinde cocuk giyimindeki yeni trendleri belirleyen markalar arasinda tanitildi. Le Marchand d’Etolies’in 2014 Bahar-Yaz koleksiyonundan birbirinden ilginc urunleri ise yakinda Beymen magazalarinda bulabilirsiniz.

Cosmopolitan’in favorileri: Happiness ve Joe’s Jeans

Cosmopolitan dergisi Ocak 2014 sayisinda son kesfi olarak Industrie Denim magazasini tanitirken, Happiness ve Joe’s Jeans’i favori markalari arasinda siraladi.